Agriturismo "Olhovo"




          Agroecohouse "Olhovo" is a real village house made of wood! It's no secret that the tree is a natural, environmentally and friendly material that creates the most comfortable conditions for human life. The microclimate of the wooden house helps to recover organism after any illness or stress. The tree has excellent vapor permeability and allows the house to "breathe". The level of humidity and oxygen balance in a such house is always optimal, despite the external conditions. Wood and wood resins are not a cause of allergic reactions, in addition, they are even useful for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Living in a wooden house is recommended for people with a disturbed nervous system. Woody color can calm and bounce the body after stress. All these facts says that the rest in a wooden house is considered full. Welcome to the agglomeration "Olhovo" and see this by yourself!
           We tried to keep the authenticity of the rural house and bring to it just a few modern benefits that add comfort to the holidaymakers. The objects of everyday life of our grandparents, with which the rooms of the house are stylized, remind us of the time when there were no washing machines or kitchen appliances ...

       Since ancient times, the Slavs built small wooden buildings for washing - baths (saunas). According to popular beliefs, the bathhouse - necessary in the peasant way of life to clean and revitalize the place at the same time - has become a refuge of demonic beings. This can be explained by the fact that in the sauna there are two natural elements - water and fire.
          The sauna was considered an uninhabited space, therefore here never brought icons, candles and other items that were in the house. Most often, a bathhouse was set on the edge of the estate, on the border between its yard and its neighbor. And with good neighborly relations, the bathhouse could be built, as they say, "for two" (that is, for two or even three families.)
          Bannik - the spirit of the bath, in Belarussian beliefs was considered the most malicious and harmful among other domestic and manor spirits. They believed that Bannik would punish with a mutilation or illness of the one who would bathe and bathe after midnight. To appease Bannik, they brought refreshments (bread, salt, sugar, buried under the threshold of the baths of black cock or chicken), tried not to work in the bath.