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           Have you ever woken up in the early morning in the village? When the first rays of the sun just begin gently to tickle the earth that has cooled down during the night, and the thin aroma of flowers and herbs slightly turns your head, and in a cool drop of dew reflects the whole world? A jug with fresh milk, carefully covered a piece of pie on the table, a scream of a cock - here they are, blessed memories of a rest in the village. And this is only the beginning of the day ...


It's good to live in the village! The open door day was held in the agro-estate "Olkhovo" on May 27

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Traditionally, on the last Sunday of the calendar spring, the agro-fortunes of Belarus boast of their achievements. The word "boast" is used here in the best sense, because in fact many of them have something to show and what to offer to different categories of tourists. Days of open doors in Belarusian agro-sports have been held for several years already, the purpose of such events is to show how to qualitatively relax in the countryside, demonstrate their "chips" and travelers from other places, and fellow countrymen, attract foreign tourists, contribution to the economy of the region.

Today the center of the event in our area has become the agrohound "Olkhovo". The farmstead works a little less than three years, but already in 2016 it won the republican contest "The Best Agroecoast of the Year" in the nomination "start-up of the year", and last year the regional winner of the competition "Belarus N" for the best idea of ​​the tourist route "Khlebny" (here bake according to the original recipe unleavened bread, which everyone could taste during the open day).

As the owner of the manor Yevgeny Krasnovsky said at the opening of the event, tourists from Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Switzerland and China have already visited this small period.

The program of the open house day in Olhovo was interesting and full. Before the guests of the festival were artists from Russia, Replly, Dulyovtsov and Volpy, the wedding ceremonies of the meeting of the young and "Brahma" were shown, and then the potential spouses could visit the wedding fair: everyone was offered the services of the studios "The Workshop of the Holiday" and "Romantic" ", Salem wedding gallery, florist Galina Rybak and photographer Bazhena Biryukova. The potters and smiths showed their skills on the territory of the manor, the children's trampolines worked, the exhibition-sale of souvenirs from the craftsmen of the Volkovysk House of Crafts was unfolded, the master class on weaving on a hand loom was given by the workers of the Gudevichsky State Literary and Local Lore Museum, and everyone who was hungry could taste a delicious complex dinner. A little later, there were tastings of natural home-made products - bezzhrozhzhevogo bread farming "Olhovo" and products from goat milk mini-farm "Cossack camp."

The day of the open doors was completed by another solemn event - the opening of a tent on the territory of the farm for holding banquets for 70 seats, honorary guests were present at the ceremony.

Source: Volkovysk district newspaper "Nash Chas"


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